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In Debt but happy

Started by rohit021988jain Mar 05th, 2021 at 15:24
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Covid-19 made my salary half and I started to earn online.

Did a lot of things - surveys, offerwalls, microjobs, etc but no fruitful result.

Then landed to old, legit ptcs but still no good result.

Finally, I came across a few fixed RR avg. PTC and bestpaidbux is one of them.

I made a list, observed and calculated the money i needed and took loan from a trust.

finally, I am having profit from all sites.

i have to pay the load in 1 year and I am happy that i can happily do that.

Thank you admin for creating such platform and help me and others

Now, I am sharing the info about this PTC and other on various forums, etc and trying to bring members

many tell me that I am selfish and lots more, even I was recently banned in a forum.

but I know that if someone earns money with less effort and investing some money where result is guaratneed then I feel good that i m doing something good

even, some members thanked me too. so, I am very happy that I am at least useful some where