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Golden membership with 500 RR

Started by earntogether Apr 10th, 2021 at 17:07
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Taking the advantages of easter promo,

I deposited $ 58

Receive d golden membership+ 400 RR
$11.6 additional balance (used to buy special package)

Also received 100 free RR

Average 8 click s per day
Per click$0.001

Earnings in 30 days

Investment $ 60
Earnings= $120


This is an awesome ptc
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Received: $26.84
Balance: $5.679
Referrals: 274
congratulations on your success friend. the administrator of this site is a genius, and also an admirable honest and solidary man.
Let's continue investing happy, happy, with joy because we have a great man as administrator who knows how to share all his success with his members.
I feel happy in this place, I will never leave it. and if one day he leaves the web, I think I will cry a lot.
but I'm sure that won't happen, so let's move on, fellows, let's take good care of this site, it's wonderful among all.
I send you a hug from Lima.
Posts: 9
thank you very much

all credit goes to Admin for creating such an awesome programme and user - rohit021988jain who introduced me here and got me this package.

so far , I have earned $100 already within 30 days.

since the withdrawal limit is $15, admin sent me additional paymeny direct to my account - payeer