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Payment question / Pending ruls / Pending payment

Started by Calfan01 Apr 24th, 2021 at 15:44
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Hello admin!
I would like to know what is the situation with payments? How's it going now?
I'm asking this ... because I'm a Platinum member. The policy says 1-3 days for payment ... but I've been waiting (again) for 5 days for my payment.
For my previous payment, you wrote to make a deposit, I did ... and I received my payment.
But now my payment has been pending for 5 days again.
Why? What is the exact payment rule? What to do? I think it would be good to clarify that all members know!

Thanks for the reply
admin (Admin)
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All members follow the (TOS) payment processing time section.But don't follow the withdrawal rules section.
Only few members follow it.Payment processing time depend the site revenue.
All ads network payment processing time 10-20 days or NET 30 days.
All offerwalls payment processing time same and only few members interested the all offerwalls.The minimum withdrawal very high the all offerwalls 50-150$.I try processing all payment ASAP.

Please patient.

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Okay Admin!
I'm patient...

I'm still a Platinum member (I just bought it again because it has expired) ... but my payment has been pending for 16 days again!
Why? Why did I buy the platnum membership then? What are the benefits of this? If I don't receive my payment?
I think I'm a fair member of you ... and I've done everything I can to get my payouts. I made quite a few deposits on your site, brought people to your site and advertised your site on many other sites (for expensive money), and even last time you said you asked me to make a new deposit to get my payment. I did this too .... and got 1 payment in 3 months?
It's really not good that way ... it's not fair !!