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Member’s Commissions Terms

Started by admin May 21st, 2021 at 14:59
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admin (Admin)
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Hello dear members,

Many members don't read or don't follow the site Terms Of Services.
Please read carefully and follow:

Terms Of Service's

3. Member’s Commissions Terms

All payments are made via Perfect Money, Payeer,Coin2Send,Bitcoin,Skrill and AirTM.
You are not allowed to send your money to another person’s payment processor account.
You can request a payment once you have reached $2 in your account balance than upgraded members and $4 than standard members. You will receive your payment within 2-7 business days.

Standard members need a deposit first time $2 in order to be able to request a payment.

If your last deposit olders than 2 month you need make the fresh deposit.Otherwise your withdrawal request will be refunded.

Investors must Reinvest 40% of each and every last payment received

The Maximum Withdraw Limit for all members is 150% of your deposit.

Best regards,
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if you have to charge more commissions, and make new changes, all favorable for the site to remain stable. it's very good mr administrator.
What we want the most is that you keep the site forever, and if you have to pay more commissions, then we will, we only ask you, please keep this wonderful site online, that bestpaidbux and ptcplanet remain firm.
because they are part of our lives and we do not accept to give them up for any reason.
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Thanks for the Info.

Expecting your both site BestPaidBux and PTCPlanet will be stable and Long term.

It will be good, if these info will show while withdraw request:
1. If Deposit $2 is older than 2 months, it will show message to deposit.
2. Maximum Withdraw Limit for all members is 150% of deposit.
(It will show % we have already withdrawn and balance %. So manual calculation not required)

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If I upgrade membership by depositing 4$ from free to starter. What is the maximum withdraw limit per month?
Is it 6$ per month?
Is upgraded member need to reinvest 40% of payment?
If standard member deposited 2$, he is able to withdraw 3$. After getting 3$, he has to deposit again.
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I invested $18 then i got paid only $7 in a 1 month period, i waiting many days to cashout my $5 and nothing (late i cancelled my payment). This site will sux for investors?? bahhh
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